How to Play Ludo: Ludo Rules And Instructions

Ludo is one of the board games that is still alive with similar popularity and craze among people. Although many of us have begun to play this game online, the rules and the fun are still the same as they used to be a few years ago. 

However, playing ludo is not as simple as we know it. Ludo is a game of strategies and planning. There are some ludo game rules that you need to follow. If you do not play it right and just roll the dice on your turn, you’re not going to win. 

That is why, we have come up with this blog to help you learn the basic rules of the ludo game. 

Whether you’re enjoying a traditional game of Ludo on a physical board or immersing yourself in the digital realm through an online Ludo Earning App, you’ll find that the fundamental rules and instructions remain consistent across both platforms.

Read about the basic Ludo terms and how to play the Ludo game. 

Common Terms in Ludo

playing ludo board game

Grabbing an understanding of the terms related to Ludo can help you communicate more easily in the game. It will help you share talks during the game for a better gaming experience and a better understanding of Ludo rules.

Below are the most basic terminologies you should know about.

  • Board: The Ludo board has a cross-shaped pattern with four colored corners. Each of these corners represents a player’s home base.
  • Tokens: These are the small playing pieces you move around the board according to ludo rules. Each ludo player has four tokens of the same color.
  • Dice: The cube piece that rolls and gives numbers on the moves you need and how many moves you will take is called the “dice”.
  • Home Base: The colored area where a player’s tokens start the game and must reach to win.
  • Start Square: It is the starting point for every player’s pieces.
  • Elimination: When the player’s token comes on a square where there is already the opponent’s token, the opponent’s token is sent back to the starting point.
  • Safe Zone: There are certain spaces on the track which are marked or colored. These spaces are safe for tokens where they can’t be captured by opponents.

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Objective of Ludo

The primary goal in Ludo is to move all your tokens from the start square to your home base, following a clockwise path around the board. Following the ludo game rules, the first player to get all their tokens home wins the game.

Equipment Of Ludo Game

  1. Board- the square board on which the game is played 
  2. Tokens- the pieces of each player
  3. Dice- the cube that is rolled for numbers

The tokens of all the players are placed in their respective starting areas. These areas are decided based on the color of the tokens. For example, the yellow tokens are placed in the yellow starting base. 

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How to Play Ludo Game? – Rules of Ludo

Let’s break down the rules of Ludo step by step:

1. Starting the Game

Ludo is played with 2 to 4 ludo players. Each player picks four tokens of the same color. To decide who goes first, we roll a dice, and the player with the highest number starts. After that, everyone takes turns clockwise. This first roll sets the stage for an exciting game.

2. First Movement of the Tokens

When you get 1 or 6 on the dice, the tokens can start moving on the track. Until the dice does not roll to 6 or 1, the token stays still at the base/starting point.

3. Token Movement

In ludo rules, when the tokens are out of their base points, they start moving on every dice turn. Tokens move around the board in a circle, and you can split your move between different tokens or use it all on one. As an example, rolling a five on the dice allows the player to move their token by five positions on the game board.

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4. Rule of 6 

The rule of six means that you can start moving the token from the base/starting point after getting a 6. When your token is on the track, getting a six gives you two chances to roll the dice.

When you get a second six, you get to roll the dice again. However, if there is a third six on the dice, all three sixes get canceled and you do not get to move the token.

5. Safety Squares 

Some squares on the board are safe and marked with stars. According to the rules of ludo, your tokens on these squares can’t be captured by others. 

6. Elimination of Opponents’ Tokens

When a token lands on a square where there is already an opponent’s token, it eliminates that token. Meaning, the opponent’s token has to go back to the starting point. 

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7. Entering the Home Column and Winning

To enter the home column, ludo players need to roll the exact number needed. For example, if you’re one square away, you need to roll a 1. Once a token is in the home column, you can still move other tokens until all the tokens get home. The game is won when the first player gets all four tokens into their home column. It’s the ultimate victory!

Summing Up

Understanding the rules of ludo is a crucial step if you wish to win the game. Ludo is a fantastic way to spend quality time with friends and family. As you practice more, it will make you more polished in the game. Roll the dice, make your moves wisely, and you can also become a champion in Ludo. 

If you’re looking for a convenient way to enjoy Ludo, you can install Ludo Fantasy – the best Ludo Game App for an online gaming experience like no other. It also offers exciting winning prizes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the basic rules for moving pieces in Ludo?

In this game, players start when they roll a 1 or 6 on the dice. They move tokens according to the dice rolls, and if an opponent’s token captures theirs, they return to the start. Victory requires getting all tokens home first. 

2. Can I capture opponents’ pieces in Ludo?

Yes, you can. When your piece comes into the square where the opponent’s piece is already standing, you can capture it and get it back to the starting point. However, there are safety areas marked on the board where all the pieces are safe and cannot be captured. 

3. What happens if I roll a 6 in Ludo?

If you get a 6 when you are at the starting point, it will open your piece for moving in the game. When you are in the middle of the game, a 6 gives you one more turn to roll the dice. If you get 6 twice, you still get a chance to roll the dice. But, ludo rules for 3 sixes differ as three sixes cancel all three turns.

4. Which is the best instant withdrawal Ludo app?

The best instant withdrawal Ludo app is Ludo Fantasy. It offers convenient play and easy winnings. 

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