How To Play Ludo in Speed?

Everyone loves a good Ludo game but do you know what’s even better – playing Ludo in speed. In classic Ludo, players take their sweet time in contemplating their possible moves and moving their tokens. The wait is a lot and much frustrating at times!  

Online Ludo gaming is much more interesting as it involves playing Ludo at speed. The fast pace adds to the thrill and tests the real Ludo game skills. Playing Ludo in speed shortens the wait times by giving the players a specific time window to make their moves. Speed Ludo has no void, just the constant roll of dice and quick-moving tokens on the board. 

Steps to Play Ludo in Speed

Most of the rules of playing speed Ludo are the same as those of a classic Ludo game, and so is the playing style. Online Ludo in speed is played with real-time players to earn money and involves little modifications to speed up the pace. 

  • In speed Ludo, each player receives four identically colored tokens to move. They need to get them home to win.
  • If you have just one token open to play, irrespective of the number on the dice, your token will automatically advance as there is no alternative to ensure quick turns for everyone. 
  • When you have many tokens open, you will get a limited time to make your move. 
  • You are supposed to make decisions fast while playing speed Ludo, quickly thinking which token to move as per the number that comes on the dice.
  • When you kill your opponent’s token, you get another turn while your opponent’s token goes back to its starting position.
  • You get another roll of dice when your token gets home and when you get a 6.
  • Keep your opponent’s moves in mind and move your token, gauging all possibilities.
  • Calculated risks taken for progression in the game will reward you well.
  • Be an active participant in the game. Do not delay your turns unnecessarily.
  • The match is won by a player when all four tokens reach home.

Speed Ludo requires you to think quickly, make decisions faster & your moves efficient to win.

Online Rules to Play Ludo in Speed

  • Secure Zone: All tokens are provided safety at certain positions on the Ludo board in each house section. These are the tiles with arrows on them and their house color (Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow).
  • Star tiles: All tokens are safe on tiles with stars on them. There are 8 star tiles in the game, 2 in each house. 
  • Pockets: The corner spots at the board edges where chip shots are placed at the beginning of the game are known as pockets.

Showcasing good gameplay in speed Ludo and winning can make you earn significant real money rewards on Ludo Fantasy. 

Tips & Tricks for Winning a Ludo Game in Speed

1. Open All Your Tokens

Focusing on just one token to get to home without opening others is relying on luck throughout the game as we never know when the lucky 6 in the game strike again. So it’s always recommended to open your tokens and keep them in the safe spot when you get 6 early in the game. 

2. Strategically Move Multiple Tokens

Don’t just focus on one token and race it to the home. Keep moving multiple tokens and securing them in the safe areas. This lets you have your game even if your leading token gets cut. 

3. Kill Your Opponent’s Token

When you get a chance to kill your opponent’s token, take it. It will give you more time and less competition in the game. It will also increase the chances of getting a win and gaining rewards way more.

4. Block Your Opponent’s Tokens

Place your token in such a way that your opponent thinks twice before moving their token due to the risk of getting their token in Ludo killed. 

5. Move Tokens at Risk More Quickly  

Let the tokens placed in safe areas and near home sit tight while moving the ones at risk of getting killed. You minimize your risk by doing this and maximize your chances of winning in speed Ludo.

How to Download Ludo Fantasy App?

Ludo Fantasy offers the best online gaming experience to play Ludo at speed with fair gameplay and easy withdrawals. Here are the steps to follow in the Ludo Fantasy app for iOS and Android. 

Steps to Download the Ludo Fantasy App on Android or iOS

  • Search for the Ludo Fantasy app on the Play Store/App Store & download it for free. 
  • Sign up on the app with your mobile number. 
  • Search for the Ludo game in the game section.
  •  Click on Ludo and start playing.

Also, the players can download the Android APK pack that is made available on Once downloaded, allow the permissions if prompted, and then successfully install the app on your device.

How To Withdraw Money From The Speed Ludo Earning App? 

Once you win your speed Ludo game on Ludo Fantasy, it is super easy to withdraw your winnings with one-step quick withdrawals. All you have to do is: 

  • Verify Your Account: Get your Ludo Fantasy account verified for smooth transactions.
  • Go to ‘My Account’: Click the ‘Withdraw Cash’ option.
  • Enter the Amount: You need to enter an amount from your winnings.
  • Choose payment method: Select whether you’d like your money transferred via UPI or Bank transfer and confirm. You will get the money in your account swiftly. 


Online Ludo has been made more fun and fulfilling with the option of playing Ludo in speed. We all enjoy the pace update in speed Ludo as it has become more challenging and giving our classic Ludo game a modern twist. Not only this, but now you can earn on winning a speed Ludo game with friends, family, or real-time Ludo players online. So what are you waiting for? Download the Ludo Fantasy app now and start playing!  

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How to play Ludo in speed?

The rules of playing Ludo in speed are mostly the same as those of the classic Ludo. The difference is that the speed Ludo requires the players to make their moves at a faster pace. If you slack and skip many turns in a row, you automatically lose and when you strategically play and get your all four tokens home, you win real money rewards.  

2. Are there any special rules for playing Ludo in speed?

Yes, speed Ludo is played at a much faster pace than the classic Ludo. Speed Ludo requires you to think quickly, make decisions faster & your moves efficient to win. Also, the game and money invested would be forfeited by the player if one stops playing, closes the ludo app, or skips three turns in a row.

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