How Do You Win the Ludo Game Every Single Time?

Ludo apk

Ludo is an interesting and popular game. During the lockdown phase, board games were a savior, and as we reminisce about that time, LUDO was the most popular pick. It continues to be popular among the youth and even the elderly.

Although the restrictions of the Covid times have been lifted, people still continue to work from home. There is still a bit of fear in the air. You can utilize the time you don’t go out by playing Ludo online. You can take your Ludo game outdoors wherever because now it’s available on the phone. With the Ludo apk, you can install the game and start playing anywhere.

Since you are here for a reason, let’s begin by sharing how you can win the Ludo game every time.

#1 Read the rules of the Game Carefully

You need to read the rules of the game very carefully. It’s quite basic, and most of us have played the game since childhood.

When you read the rules carefully, you know when to move the tokens and how to defeat the other player. What do you do to get full marks in an exam? You study and memorize everything, right? Similarly, game rules need to be memorized too.

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#2 Do NOT Move One Token Till the End

You must move all the tokens whenever you get a six. Do not count on one token, as there is a chance you will get defeated by the opponent.

When you get sixes, take all your tokens out and focus on reaching the home triangle. You need to reach here before the opponent does. This should be your objective!

#3 Never Wait for the Opponent to Take Down Your Token

Do not give a chance to your opponent to take you down. Take out all the tokens – never wait for the opponent to discard your token. This is a simple rule, and you should follow this.

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#4 Try to Block the Opponent’s Token

Block the opponent’s token to go ahead and put them in a halting situation. Don’t you want to win the game? For this, you have to block the opponent.

#5 Never Lose Your Focus

When you play Ludo, your focus should be on the board. You cannot think of anything else as the opponent is already thinking of some strategies to make you lose.

All’s fair in a game, but everyone wants to win!

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Concluding Thoughts

Wasn’t that simple? Relive your childhood days. Even if you don’t have the board game, the online variant will refresh your memories.

You can win the game too! Even if it’s an online variant, the rules will be pretty much the same. Do not get overwhelmed by technology.

Did you also know that you can win money playing Ludo?

You can do that! And the money bets you place can start with as low as INR 10. So, do not think too much and start playing Ludo.

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