How to Play Ludo, And Why Should You Play It?

Games are an essential part of our daily lifestyle. They enable you to break from the monotony of everyday routine and indulge in engaging, fun, and exciting activities. Board games are an essential source of recreation. One of the most popularly played classic board games is Ludo. It has an ancient and dynamic lineage, which can be traced back to the 6th century in India. The game is derived from the traditional game of Pachisi. The etymological meaning of the word Ludo is ‘I Play.’ The game has traveled worldwide, and England patented the modernized version in the late 19th century, providing Ludo with modern rules and a simplified structure.

Traditionally, people played Ludo on various media, including cloth and sand, and with cowrie shells. And now, with the advancement of age, Ludo has also approached the digital platform. The Ludo download apps allow you to play the game on your digital handset, enabling you to play it anytime, anywhere. You can customize the game to meet your requirements and enjoy the game seamlessly. The app provides you with flexibility and accessibility to play the game with friends, family, and other real-time players. You can also pitch yourself against computer AI to learn about the rules and dynamics of Ludo.

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How to play Ludo?

  • A game of Ludo can accommodate between two to four players. The players will decide on their turns, and the game proceeds in a clockwise direction.
  • As their turn comes, players will roll the die. As per die outcome, they will move the token across the board. In the beginning turn, players require a six to bring the token to the start. Once it is on track, you can use other die numbers.
  • A six also allows players to roll the die again. But three consecutive sixes at once cancel their turn and render it null.
  • The players need to travel across the cross-shaped path on the board and enter the home triangle.
  • If your token lands on the opponent’s token, the token jumped upon goes back to the starting circle. Try to kill your opponents’ token while keeping an eye on the safety of your token.

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Why play Ludo Online?

Playing Ludo online has myriad benefits.

  • Enjoy a dynamic game: Online Ludo allows you to customize the game to meet your skills. You can tune the game to low, mid, or high-skilled competitive games, thus matching your competency. Moreover, the gameplay is fair. The algorithm is random and provides each player an equal opportunity to win.
  • Enhance Cognitive Skills: Playing Ludo enhances your brain development and boosts your cognitive skills. It requires focus and concentration on your part, thus enabling you to stay alert, attentive, and engaged.
  • Cope with Stress: Stress is common among people trying to cope with the pressure of this fast-paced age. Ludo allows them an escape to slow down and provides a sense of relief. Thus, it is an effective source of stress management. It allows you to build positive emotions and combat tension.

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To Conclude:

These are a few things you should know about playing Ludo. It is a fun, engaging game that combines both luck and strategy and enables you to boost cognitive skills. It presents opportunities to build bonds and relationships. Download the app to enjoy the game.

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