Tips to Win a Ludo Game

For most of us, when we hear the word Ludo a lot of childhood memories flash in front of our eyes. Ludo is an extremely popular board game in India that is not just confined to childhood, but anyone who wants to have fun plays the game. Since the game depends a lot on luck, it becomes important that you play your moves using your head and not just by instincts. Nowadays, people who love mobile gaming are opting for Ludo game app download because of its simplicity and legacy the game holds.

Here are Seven Tips You Should Follow to Win a Game of Ludo:

  1. Open All Tokens
    From the beginning itself, focus on opening all of your tokens as you get the chance. People usually prefer to open a token when the die shows 1, and it is a good choice when at least two of your tokens are open. By doing this, you can avoid unfavourable moves.

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  1. Save Your Tokens
    Always try to look out for your tokens by keeping them in safe places on the board. Try not to change their position when the opponent’s token is behind them. Move them when you feel like the odds of the opponent reaching your token are extremely low.  
  2. Play All Tokens Simultaneously
    Simultaneously, playing your token means playing them all together and keeping them close. This ensures that your tokens are safer and you are winning gradually. It also reduces the risk of an opponent following your token since you can chase after them with another one of your tokens as they are close to each other.
  3. Capture Others’ Token
    Capturing others’ tokens increases your probability of winning. Chase after the opponent’s tokens every time you get a chance.

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  1. Do Not Run One Token Only
    If you are running just one of your tokens, the chance that you’ll be in unfavourable situations at the end is more. Because the last token can create a big problem for you since you can only depend on the die and luck for it to reach home.
  2. Create a Balance between Aggressive and Safe Play
    While keeping your tokens safe, attack the opponent’s tokens. You can take risks; it is fine unless the token is not very close to the home. If the token is new, taking a few risks won’t hurt your gameplay much.
  3. Look Around the Board before Attempting Your Move
    The last tip is simple- just be careful. Before every move, take a quick analysis of the board. Just a quick look around to ensure you’re not missing any opportunities. It is a rookie mistake to carelessly play your tokens.

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Ludo Today

Nowadays, people don’t rely on a board or physically being in one place to play Ludo. You can play Ludo with your friends and family even despite geographical boundaries online via Ludo game app download.


Ludo is a game that has been popular for a very long time, and it might change its look with technology, but the essence and feeling players have while playing the game will always remain the same.

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