Three Reasons to Play Ludo

The advent of the game of Ludo on the digital landscape is contributing to its increased popularity. Ludo has its origins in the ancient Indian game of Pachisi. It requires both skill and chance on the part of the player to win the game. Each player needs to move their four ludo tokens from the beginning stage, through the cross-shaped track into the winning home. The player who gets all of their tokens to the winning home first is the winner. Online Ludo gained imminent popularity during the pandemic wave. It helped people to break out from social isolation, while maintaining social distancing and following the confinement rules.

Ludo is a two to four player non-deterministic race game. It is easy to learn, fun, and a classic board game in which both children and adults can indulge. Also, it brings a wave of nostalgia for adults, enables them to strengthen interpersonal relationships, and brings together friends and family to spend quality time together. It also helps to relieve stress and enables your mind to relax better. Ludo game app download has an added advantage of easy access, enabling you to play it on the go. You can play Ludo on your digital handsets anywhere, anytime.

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What is Ludo? How to play it?

Ludo is a simple and easy to play classic board game. It can accommodate between two to four players. Each of the players must choose any one of the four colors, red, blue, green, and yellow. The Ludo board has a cross-shaped path on which the tokens will move. It moves in a clockwise direction across the path.

The players must roll the die on their turn. A six on their die during their opening turn is necessary to bring the Ludo tokens out of the home base to the starting point. In the subsequent turns, based on the outcome of the die, players can move the token equal number of spaces. A six on the die allows you to roll it again. But, getting three consecutive sixes renders the turn null, and the player must pass their turn to other players.

The primary goal of each player is to bring their four tokens into the home triangle first. But, when traveling across the path, they must protect their tokens from that of the opponents. They must also look for opportunities to slow down the process by sending their tokens to the home base.

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Why to play Ludo?

There are various benefits associated with playing Ludo.

Enhance Cognitive Skills

Ludo enables you to actively engage your brain. Hence, it contributes to facilitating brain development and brush your cognitive skills. Ludo requires concentration on behalf of the players when moving their tokens. They must stay alert, attentive, and engage their minds. Ludo enables players to make the brain stronger, and reduce the cognitive decline risks.

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Improve Skills

Ludo requires both skills and luck. The dice’s outcome is based on luck, whereas how you move the Ludo pieces requires a sound strategy. You need to decide and define your next move, and be on a lookout for every opportunity to increase your chances of winning. Good analytical ability and sharp concentration leverages the odds of winning. Playing Ludo also enables you to prioritize situations rightly to achieve a worthy goal.

Have Fun

Undoubtedly, playing Ludo is interesting. You can have unlimited fun with your family, friends, and even with strangers. It is a great stress buster, and provides you with a healthy distraction. It enables you to build positive emotions and thoughts, and combat tension.

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To Conclude:

Hence, playing Ludo comes with a wide range of benefits. Download the Ludo app on your mobile phones, and play it to enjoy and keep yourself engaged.

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