Understand the Equipment needed for playing Ludo: 3 Things to Know

The game of Ludo brings a wave of nostalgia for many players. It has been a favorite family pass time and has helped build interpersonal relationships. With the digital re-birth of Ludo, it is gaining momentum and immense popularity. It allows you to enjoy a quick game anytime and anywhere on your phone. Ludo is a strategic board game, which one can play between two to four players. The various equipment required are a Ludo board, tokens or pieces, and the die. The board consists of a cross-shaped track on which you need to race the tokens from start to finish, based on the outcome of the die.

Origin of Ludo

The historical site of Ellora Caves in Maharashtra, India, consists of various illustrations on the walls, which hints at a game similar to Ludo. Different media have been used for playing this game since ancient times. Cloth, slate, boards with seeds, or shelves have been popularly used. The concept of Ludo is derived from the ancient game of ‘Chausar,’ ‘Chopad,’ or ‘Pachisi.’ Its origins can be roughly traced back to the 6th¬†century. However, the game was not limited to the Indian subcontinent but has traveled globally. There are various known variations of this game played worldwide and are known by multiple names.

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On August 29, 1891, Alfred Collier applied for a patent in England for reinventing and improving this board game. The rules predominantly remained the same. However, he replaced the rectangular dice with a cubic one. England defined the rules and structure for the game of Ludo in the year 1896. The revised version also includes a dice cup, replacing the hand’s earlier practice to throw the dice. The sizing of the cubic dice also helps ensure that the throw of the dice will not disturb the tokens distributed on the board. Now, the Ludo game has also approached the digital medium. With Ludo game app¬†download, you can easily play it on the go.

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Ludo Game Board

It has a square shape and a cross-shaped pattern on which the tokens move. Each cross arm has three columns of squares, generally six per column. The square that appears at the mid of the board is the home column divided into four home triangles, one for each color. The four colors on the board are green, blue, red, and yellow. The four colored squares are the home ground for each token, and it must come out of these squares to the starting point to initiate the game.

Ludo Tokens/Pieces

Players must opt for one color each, and they get four tokens each for the chosen color. The tokens must move on the cross-shaped path on the board from the start position to the home triangle. It should move in a clockwise direction.

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The Die

The players must roll the dice on their turn to move the tokens. It has six sides, and the number of dots that appear determines how many spaces your token can move. You require a six on the die to bring your Ludo piece to the starting point. A six on the die also allows you to roll the dice again. But if you get three sixes in your turn, your turn gets canceled.

To Conclude:

Ludo is a fun and engaging game that acts as a stress-buster. You can play it online or offline, based on your convenience, and spend quality time with friends and family.

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