Tips to Win at the Ludo Game

Ludo is a centuries-old game that originated in India, and it is also known as ‘Pachisi.’ If you think about it, the game has been around for more than three thousand years! That is a very long time, and it is certainly doing a fantastic job of remaining fashionable at that time. You’ll discover some useful online Ludo hints and tips right here.

Users can keep their minds spinning by trying to predict the opponent’s next move and strategise their next strategic move while playing the game. Furthermore, the more you play the game, the more acute your mind becomes. The possibility of it all causes a big adrenaline rush in users. This game heavily emphasises the importance of luck. Because of the luck aspect, it is incredibly difficult to anticipate the outcome of the game. Ludo has been available for download from the Google Play Store.’

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The current pandemic, on the other hand, has given the game a whole new level of appeal. Over a game of online Ludo, people began reconnecting with old acquaintances and family members.

As soon as the pandemic hit India, this became the people’s favourite activity.

The Seven-Step Rule

To win the best Ludo game, one of the most crucial techniques is to plan ahead of your opponent.

This can be accomplished by anticipating the opponent’s seven steps and preventing their tokens from landing on yours. This stage is crucial since failing to foresee or analyse the opponent’s playstyle could result in you returning to your starting position.  If you’re new to Ludo, one of the easiest ways to win is to land your token on the opponent’s token. This sends the token back to the home base, and players must roll a six on the dice to bring them back out. This takes up a lot of your opponent’s time and makes it less likely for them to win the game. This is an important aspect to remember because it is one of the top Ludo tips and tricks. 

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Patience is Crucial

Waiting games in Ludo can be really beneficial. For example, if your tokens are put in a secure zone on the board, which is indicated by star shapes, and a bad dice roll has the potential to expose you to your opponents, don’t take the risk. Wait till you get a decent dice roll, and then retain your distance or try to land on the opponent’s token. 

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The Rules of the Game

To begin, there are three instances in which you can instantly roll the dice after your previous roll.

These are the following:

> Rolling the dice and getting a six.

> Returning an opponent’s token to their starting base.

> Getting to the last square in the board’s centre

These rolling rules can aid you in gaining a better knowledge of the game and making swift strategic judgments. 

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Understanding these tips and methods will help you improve your game and win every Ludo match. However, it is equally critical to recognise that in this game, luck plays a significant role in determining the winner.

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