What Makes Modern Ludo So Exciting?

Not too many people who haven’t played ludo exist on the face of Earth at present. While it was originally popular as a board game during the 1980’s, 1990’s and early 2000’s, it evolved with time and it is now being commonly played after downloading suitable apps. Interestingly, in both cases it can be played in the absence of electricity. Also, there are many in the current generation who have never played ludo as an actual board game.

Playing Option for Android Users

Ludo game download APK can be used on Android devices to play this magnificent game. Players can either enjoy it with their friends or with people, with AI, or with people from different parts of the globe. In fact, this is one option that a traditional board game cannot offer; a player cannot enjoy that game without another real player.  

Just like the board game, ludo game download APK also offers tokens in different colors such as yellow, blue, red, and green. Players will find that the game becomes even more interesting as it proceeds. The best players execute their strategies in the latter half of the game.  

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Getting Started

Interested players have to first locate a suitable website or an app on the Play Store and then download it using the given app link. Certain details such as name will be required to begin the first game. As players continue with their games and win, they will be able to earn bonuses in the form of coins. A certain amount of money has to be paid to get the game started.

Players roll a dice to commence the game, with the one getting the numeral six starting a token first. Of course, the dice has to be simply tapped on the virtual screen to roll it. Cash being used to pay for games can be withdrawn at any time. More cash is gained in the form of coins by winning from opponents, which means players get real chances to earn money. Players can withdraw money only once their accounts have been completely verified. Additionally, bonuses are also available on referring new players.

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The opportunities to earn bonuses are many more through apps as compared to real boards. Upon crossing various milestones on apps, players are able to earn more.  

Private Room Facilities

Players here also have the option to play with specific players only by entering into Private Rooms. This can be described as a virtual chat room into which any other player can enter using a username. It is the best possible way to meet unfamiliar persons and play with them when a person doesn’t have company. The room ensures that game play is as personalized as possible. Additionally, it is also a great way for players at a similar level to play together.

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It is not surprising to see why ludo has been ranked as one of the best board games of all times. In fact, the virtual board took very little time to catch up with the real board. It is impossible to know how time flies by with this exciting game.

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